21 General Knowledge Facts That Will Save Your Monday

We’re back with another compilation of fun facts so that this start of the week doesn’t turn out to be so stormy. Do you know why some music charts have 40 songs? Find out below.


In the United States, a parrot named “Eco” entered the witness protection program after testifying against his owner. The animal’s words led to the subject’s apprehension.

In the seventeenth century, pineapples were fruits of very high value. They were rarely consumed and were used as a status symbol during the holidays of the rich.

The Lego company has a vault where it keeps a copy of every set released since the 1950s.

Lego Emojis

In 1969, a 20-year-old working for a bank became obsessed with a movie about a robbery.

He ended up stealing $215,000 from the institution where he worked and disappeared. To date, his whereabouts are unknown.

A finger with a damaged nerve doesn’t wrinkle underwater.

In 2009, a black dot the size of the Pacific Ocean appeared in Jupiter’s southern hemisphere.

Jupiter Black Dot

The reason the “Top 40” have that many singles is due to a standard in slot turntables.

Each of those machines could only hold 40 songs at a time.

According to an ancient unit of time used by the English, a moment equals 1.5 minutes.

When Sears catalogs began printing on glossy paper instead of “traditional” paper, the company received many complaints.

And it is for people who found it difficult to use the catalog as toilet paper.

Sears Catalogs

Journalists in Britain learn a shorthand technique called teeline. This allows them to take notes at a rate of 150 words per minute.

In 2015, Judge Judy negotiated to stay on the show until 2020 with a contract that demanded $47 million annually.

That made her the highest-paid celebrity in television history.

The human stomach has more nerve endings than the spinal cord.


The cicada is the only known living thing capable of killing bacteria on contact with nothing more than nanostructures.

The cashew nut is expensive because each piece grows individually into an apple-like fruit and must be removed manually.

In addition, its shell is slightly toxic.

Unconsciously, the singers of a choir synchronize their breathing patterns.

During slow chanting, this phenomenon becomes so strong that even your heart rate is synchronized.


Birds that are guided by the location of the stars are as old as the zodiac.

Constellations rose and disappeared over millions of years as the Sun drifts through space and distant stars die. And each generation of those birds hatched to learn from today’s sky.

After the U.S. Army, the Walt Disney Company is the second largest buyer of explosives in the world.

Killer whales are the ocean’s top predators.

They are capable of killing any other marine animal, including the formidable white shark. The latter is turned upside down until it finally suffocates.

Killer Whale Teeth

In the United States, for every homeless person, there are 28 empty houses.

What we know as “fish” are actually different groups of animals, some of them really distant.

For example, biologically, salmon is more related to your mother-in-law than it is to a shark.

In 1913, Stalin, Hitler, Trotsky and Freud lived in the same two-square-mile region of Vienna.