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What information we collect and how we use it

Sign-up Information:

You provide us your email address when you sign-up for our newsletter service. We use your email address to send you newsletter about our site.

Contact Information:

When you contact us via our site or through your personal email address then you provide us your email address or any other information you choose to provide, like name or any other details with your own consent. We use that information to communicate with you about our site.

Social Media Data:

When you like, follow, share, comment or interact with us in any mean of communication on other websites or social media platforms where you choose to provide us information. Though we don’t collect or store that information but we use it to communicate with you about our site.

Technical Data about Your Visit:

We collect technical data regarding your visit on our site like Internet Protocol (IP) address, internet browser and Operating system you are using, your time-zone, URLs you visit on our site and other related stuff.

We use this data for analysis and marketing purposes to improve the user experience on our site and provide you relevant advertising.

Feedback Data

If you participate in feedback and support campaigns then you share your thoughts and information with us regarding our website. We use that information to improve the user experience on our site to make it more useful and enjoyable for everyone.

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