The World’s Most Nutritious Foods

After analyzing more than 1,000 raw foods, researchers ranked the ingredients that provide the best balance of your daily nutritional requirements. Here are the top five most nutritious foods in the world.

Welcome to our guide to the top 5 most nutrient-laden foods in the world, as marked by scientists.These fantastic feasts are bursting with goodness. Exactly how much of these nutrients are usefully absorbed by the human gut is still debated by experts, but regardless, if it’s ‘tasty tucka’ you want our exotic line up is packed full of potential.

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5. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds might not look like much, but these tiny marvels are a nutritional powerhouse. They contain high amount of dietary fibre so they are good for your gut. Chia seeds are also a rich source of B-vitamins, and minerals. Try them sprinkled on your museli or salad. Or they can be used to make delicious smoothies.

chia seeds
Nutritional Facts
values per 100g (3.5oz)
Energy486 kcal, (2,030 kJ)
Carbohydrates42.1 g
Dietary Fibre34.4 g
B10.62 mg
B20.17 mg
B38.83 mg
B949 μg
Copper0.924 mg
Iron7.7 mg
Potassium407 mg
Zinc4.58 mg

4. FlatFish

Fish are packed with good stuff, and two in particular take up the 4th and 3rd position in our countdown of the most nutritional foods. Flatfish such as sole and flounder have evolved flat bodies to adapt to life on the seabed. Some species use pigmentation in ehri skin to camouflage themselves from predators or prey. Clever thing! They are low in fat, high in protein, and provide a variety of vitamins and minerals. Found in the deep of the Atlantic, ocean perch are actually rockfish. The name ocean perch came into usage in 1930s when fishermen substituted the cheaper rockfish for freshwater perch due to the similarity in color and texture.

Fish nutritional facts
Nutritional Facts (Flat Fish – Sole & Flounder)
values per 100g (3.5oz) cooked
Energy86 kcal, (362 KJ)
Carbohydrates0 g
Protein15.2 g
Total Fat2.37 g
B31.28 mg
B963 μg
B121.31 μg
D3.5 μg
Calcium25 mg
Magnesium22 mg
Phosphorous309 mg
Sodium363 mg

3. Ocean Perch

Ocean perch are high in protein, and love in saturated fats. In 2003, world stocks of large fish including sole, flounder and ocean perch were estimated to be only about 10 percent of pre-industrial levels due to overfishing. So always try to source sustainably managed fish.

ocean perch fish
Nutritional Facts
values per 100g (3.5oz) cooked
Energy96 kcal, (401 KJ)
Carbohydrates0 g
Protein18.5 g
Total Fat1.87 g
A15 μg
B31.2 mg
B910 μg
B121.72 μg
D1.4 μg
Calcium37 mg
Magnesium27 mg
Phosphorous300 mg
Potassium226 mg
Sodium347 mg

2. Cherimoya

In number two on this hit parade of the most nutritious foods, is a fruit that Mark Twain called ‘the most delicious known to man’ and with good reason. Rich in sugar, vitamins and potassium, the cherimoya is delicious and good for you. Beneath the hard, scaly skin of the cherimoya is the creamy white flesh gives the fruit its other name – the custard apple.

Nutritional Facts
values per 100g (3.5oz)
Energy75 kcal, (314 KJ)
Carbohydrates17.7 g
Protein1.57 g
Sugar12.87 g
B10.1 mg
B20.13 mg
B30.6 mg
B60.26 mg
B923 μg
C12.6 mg
E0.27 mg
Calcium10 mg
Magnesium17 mg
Phosphorous26 mg
Potassium287 mg
Sodium7 mg

1. Almonds

And here it is… our number one nutritious food. Long renowned for their exceptional nutritional value, almonds are gram for gram the the most nutritional food you can eat. They are packed with protein and vital minerals that we need to maintain our health.

Nutritional Facts
values per 100g (3.5oz) raw
Energy579 kcal, (2,423 KJ)
Carbohydrates21.55 g
Protein21.15 g
Total Fat49.93 g
Monounsaturated Fat31.55 g
Fibre12.5 g
B10.2 mg
B21.14 mg
B33.6 mg
B60.14 mg
B944 μg
E25.6 mg
Calcium269 mg
Iron3.71 mg
Magnesium270 mg
Phosphorous481 mg
Potassium733 mg
Zinc3.12 mg

Rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, eating almonds regularly can promote a healthy cardiovascular system and may even help with diabetes. (Yeah, stop milking it.) Delicious!


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